Beautiful Hair Color Done At Home

Custom Professional Home Hair Color by a Hair Color Expert
  • Save Time and Money
  • Receive More Compliments
  • Love How You Feel

You Should Be Able to Confidently Color Your Hair When You Want

Does this sound like you? 

◊ Gray roots grow in with greater frequency?

◊Tired of the cost of frequent salon visits?

◊Frustrated with the box color that causes damage and fading?




You should be able to color your own hair and have access to what we professionals use.

Many of our clients want the convenience of coloring their hair at home. At Renee Hoffman Beauty, we know how frustrating it is to find professional-quality hair color you can do yourself.

If you’re like many of our clients, you want to save money on your salon visits.

Maybe you’ve spent too much time wandering the store aisles, overwhelmed with too many box color kit options. Feeling unsure, you book another appointment with your stylist for a cut AND color.

Perhaps you’ve wondered if there was another way to get the hair coloring the pros use. Maybe you’ve even asked your stylist if they could sell you the “good stuff.”

What if you could have the best of both, save money, and have professional home hair coloring you can do yourself? Then you can hold your head high. Knowing your hair is healthy, looks beautiful, and you’ve done it all yourself.

Hi, I’m Renee Hoffman and I understand your frustration.

I have been a professional hair colorist for 30 years. As a salon professional, I have enjoyed the convenience of being able to color my hair with the best quality products, within the convenience of my own time. Many of my clients ask me to sell them the hair dye that I use in the salon to dye their hair at home. I knew there had to be a better way to help them. So I created a solution.

In 2017 I started researching and developing this concept. Soon after,  I launched my company. A professional home hair coloring system, just like you find in a salon.

At Renee Hoffman Beauty, we are committed to providing professional home hair coloring.  Here, you can get a custom color formula that best suits your hair. Our premium Italian product provides more color and less fading and damage to your hair. And the best part is you can color your hair at home with ease, guaranteed.

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Leave Behind the Frustration and Anxiety

of Inferior Hair Color Products

Feel Beautiful with Your Gorgeous Salon Hair Color.

Beautiful DIY Hair Color Made Easy

Hold your head high knowing your hair is healthy, gorgeous, and you’ve done it by yourself.

And It all starts for only $39.99

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The Reviews Are In!

Read the Raving Reviews from Our Clients

“This service has been a lifesaver-you’re about to go out for the evening and realize your gray is OUT! 1-2-3-gone! You get that just-had-my- hair-colored feeling and it lasts. I always have a spare in my cabinet!”

Vicky E

“I LOVE coloring my hair in my house at 7:30 at night or whenever I want. I now have the confidence to do this myself, and my hair is so much more appealing to me than going to the salon all of the time.”

Wendy W

“I highly recommend that you make your home coloring customized to your desire without losing quality with box color.”

Desiree L

“I was in dread of doing my own color at home but it was so easy. My results are beautiful. I never walk into a drug store or grocery store to get color again, when a superior product can be mailed to my home.”

Catherine B