Wardrobe Styling, Color, and Beauty Consulting

Own Your Confident Style, No Matter What Season of Life

Wardrobe Styling, Color, and Beauty Consulting

Own Your Confident Style, No Matter What Season of Life


Save Time and Money


Receive More Compliments


Love How You Feel

Feel confident with your style

Save Time and Money


Receive More Compliments


Love How You Feel

Feel confident with your style

It Shouldn’t Be So Hard to Look and Feel Great

Does this sound like you? 

Your closet is boring.

Frustrated with so many clothes and nothing to wear? How did you get here?

You miss the mark.

Wasting time shopping with no direction and end up returning your purchase?

You throw away money. 

Feeling guilty about all of the clothing in your closet that has yet to be worn?

You look older than you feel. 

Wearing more makeup to hide the lines that appear when you wear the wrong color?

Color intimidates you. 

Lacking inspiration when your closet rainbow is made up of light black, medium black, and dark black?

You second-guess your decisions.

Look back on event photos and regret your wardrobe choices? How can you make the right choice?

You Deserve to Look and Feel Your Best

Hi, I’m Renée,

Whether it’s chasing a career, raising a family, or going to a special event, getting dressed can be a frustrating experience when you have a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear.

Shopping doesn’t fix the problem. You stress over what to buy only to walk out with a few cute things and finds from the sales rack you couldn’t live without.

The problem is most of them don’t match what you have, and the day when you lose a few pounds never seems to come. Knowing what’s appropriate to wear for your new stage of life makes it even more confusing.

It shouldn’t be so hard to know what to wear to look good and feel great.

Sound familiar? I understand. I was there too. After spending 30+ years helping people look and feel beautiful, I no longer could sit by and do nothing.

It’s not right that women often give their all to others and leave little for themselves. Instead of comparing how they look to an air-brushed photo, they deserve to know what type of clothing can give them the confidence to communicate who they are.

I’ve helped thousands of people re-energize their inner beauty using my experience as a certified color/style consultant, board-certified hair colorist, and fashion academy grad. I’ve created personalized systems for wardrobe selection and color choices and now share them with you.

You don’t have to settle any longer. It’s possible to love you and your closet again.

Leave Behind the Frustration and Anxiety

of Not Knowing What to Wear

Leave Behind the Frustration and Anxiety
of Not Knowing What to Wear

Look Vibrant and Alive With a Glow in Your Skin

Personal Color Services


Avoid costly mistakes when you know which colors to buy for investment pieces.

Personal Wardrobe Style Services


Shopping will be a breeze when you know what’s right for you. No need to make returns!

Makeup regimen

Hair, Makeup, Nail, & Skincare Regimen


Chic, functional products at a convenient price for the busy on-the-go woman.

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”

-Amelie Laurent

Beauty is Not One Size Fits All

Be ready, be authentic, be you…

Step one

Book a Call

Let’s chat about your closet challenges and what’s getting in your way.

Step two

Target Your Style

Identify your color palette and wardrobe style. Clean your closet and go shopping.

Step three

Be Ready for Any Occasion

Look great and feel confident every day knowing you can rock your appearance.

Get started today

Embrace the Changing Seasons of Your Life

Be Ready, Be Wise, Be You

There are seasons in life, special occasions in life, and everyday life. No matter the reason, you can know how to dress to look and feel great!

When we don’t know the rules of how to choose the right look, we fill in the gap with self-judgment. The problem really isn’t that you are too old, overweight, unattractive, or unloved. It’s that no one ever told you the secret of how to look and feel great in your clothes.

Choosing the right look is based on sound design principles and how they apply to you. Instead of being confused about what to wear you can become confident, you know exactly what to wear to look and feel great about yourself.

Share Your Shine with the World

Renee Hoffman

Feel Great Again

Uplift your mood with the right style and
clothing color.


Save Time & Money

No more wasted time staring into a closetfull of clothes.


Get Rid of Returns

Your clothing has a one-way ticket home, never to go back.


Rock Your Colors

Know what colors are right for you and match other pieces.


Purposeful Shopping

Shop with intentionality. Know the winner
when you find it.


Love Your Closet

Be eager to start your day with a winning
what-to-wear decision.

These clients love how they feel!

There’s a good reason why.

“It was frustrating because I would go shopping and say no black, but end up with black. After working with Renee to define my personal colors, I feel better wearing brights and get more compliments. Get your color done! It will open your eyes and you’ll realize what the right colors can do for your mood and self-confidence.”

Laurie Carr Dugan

“My wardrobe made me feel dull. I always gravitated towards black and white out of habit. After working with Renee, I’m excited to know that colors can bring out my natural beauty. It makes it easier and more fun to shop and I feel more confident in what I wear. I highly recommend working with Renee.”

Laura McMillen

“Shopping for clothes and finding something to wear was always frustrating. I’d shop aimlessly, never finding anything to buy. After getting my colors done, my life has changed. I feel great in my colors and clothes, and it’s so easy to shop now. The best part is everything I buy now looks good, and it’s so easy to get dressed. I seriously love this service!.”

Laura Reisiger