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It's Time To Take Back Control of Your Closet

About Us

It's Time To Take Back Control of Your Closet
Overwhelmed by style and your choices

You’re not alone if you find yourself standing in front of a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear.

Thousands of women struggle
with this each day.

Choosing what to wear communicates who we are to the world and impacts how we feel about ourselves. It’s a big decision.

The problem is so many outfits in our closet were purchased for the wrong reasons. You bought it because it may have been your favorite color, a big markdown on the sale rack, or the latest trend.

It’s Time to Take Back Control of Your Closet

It’s Not Your Fault

You’ve Been Kept in the Dark

The $300+ billion global fashion industry changes their message each year with new styles. They confuse us by creating a tension between what looks good on a model versus what looks good on you.

You fall into their trap when the clothing you purchase continues to feed the retail machine.

Very few women ever learn how to use design principles to choose the best style for their body, the colors that flatter, or clothing that expresses their personality.

Instead, they rely on trying to dress for who they think they want to be rather than who they are.

Getting dressed, looking great, and feeling good about what you wear shouldn’t have to be so hard.

Getting dressed, looking great, and feeling good about what you wear shouldn’t have to be so hard

I know you want to feel confident in what you wear. The inner glow we have when we feel good in our clothes is an extra benefit to enhance our beauty.

I’m here to tell you that you can move beyond a full closet with nothing to wear. I’ve helped hundreds of women just like you leave their confusion and frustration about what to wear behind.

How I Got Here

I was a successful entrepreneurial woman with my own business.


I woke up one day and as I laid in bed I thought to myself, “I really wish I had a uniform to wear to work.” I was so tired of wasting time every morning trying on outfits only to then settle on my choice. Why did I want to get out of bed when one of my first decisions made me feel defeated?

I knew I wasn’t alone and couldn’t imagine living the rest of my life without doing something about this. I invested in learning how to apply the same principles fashion designers use to each type of body style. The mystery of how to choose the right clothes melted away.


It’s time to get started.


Too many women diminish their value when they compare themselves with others or fall for the story that they are too old, overweight, or unattractive. My new discovery excited me about the possibilities of how I can help women change their lives and develop their potential when they feel good about themselves.

Throughout my career, I’ve loved helping women express their essence through their appearance. I’ve done that by standing as an advocate for one woman at a time, but that’s no longer enough.

Renee Hoffman

Now, I’m ready to

stand for more of you

This is Your Time

Stand firm in knowing that the rest of your life is the best of your life. The world needs you.

Beauty is Not One Size Fits All

Be ready, be authentic, be you… Here’s How.

Step one

Book a Call

Let’s chat about your closet challenges and what’s getting in your way.

Step two

Target Your Style

Identify your color palette, wardrobe style. Clean your closet and go shopping.

Step three

Be Ready for any Occasion

Look great and feel confident every day knowing you can rock your appearance.

These clients love how they feel!

There’s a good reason why.

“I never felt comfortable trying to stretch my 9-5 wardrobe into my new role as a small business owner. Renee’s process helped me understand what I needed to wear to communicate my credibility and expertise. It’s now exciting to get dressed when I can wear something that makes me feel confident and expresses my personality.”

-Lisa McGuire

“I struggled to put things together and didn’t like to shop. Until I worked with Renee, I was often frustrated and envious of women who looked so ‘put together’. It feels amazing to know you are looking your best. Today I’m confident about my choices and feel beautiful about how I look. Everything about Renee’s services makes it so much easier to dress well, I would recommend this to everyone!”

-Gina Wallace

“After working from home for many years, I felt like I’d lost touch with my appearance. I wasn’t presenting myself as well as I wanted as a business and dreaded shopping. Renee patiently explained everything I needed to choose the right clothes, colors and hairstyle that work with my personality. Now it’s easy to shop now and I save a lot of time. I get compliments all the time now and the best part is I feel pretty, professional, and confident in my appearance. Hire Renee, you won’t regret it! “

-Darla Kirchner